Healthcare by the numbers

By The Numbers

I don’t care about political preference, disposition, or prejudice. These are the numbers (as taken from’s By The Numbers piece after the ACA was upheld). For a country as affluent as the United States I think this is unacceptable. I don’t necessarily think that we need to government to fix this completely, but given the way healthcare spending is going, they are going have to intervene. The ACA was a decent start but in no way an end to the madness.


49.9 million — The number of uninsured Americans in 2010. That’s 16.3% of the total population.

18.4% — Percentage of uninsured Americans younger than 65 in 2010.

28.4% — The percentage of Americans 25 to 34 without insurance.

7.3 million — The number of children in the United States without health insurance, 9.8% of all children in the country.

15.4% – The percentage of children living in poverty who are also uninsured.

26.9% — Percentage of people earning less than $25,000 a year who are also uninsured.

256.2 million — The number of Americans who were insured in 2010.

195.9 million — The number of Americans with private health insurance in 2010, 64% of the total population.

169.3 million — The number of Americans who get their insurance through the workplace.

95 million — Number of people in the United States covered by government health insurance, 31% of the population.

44.3 million — Number of Americans receiving Medicare coverage in 2010.

48.6 million — The number of Americans covered by Medicaid in 2010.

$940 billion — The amount of money the Congressional Budget Office estimates it will cost to provide the expanded insurance coverage over 10 years.

$143 billion — The amount by which the plan could reduce the deficit over the first 10 years. And over the following decade, the CBO projected, health reform could reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion, although the agency stressed such long-term projections are highly uncertain.

2.35% — The tax rate high-income individuals would pay into Medicare, up from 1.45%. High-income is defined as individuals making more than $200,000 ($250,000 for couples filing jointly).

19.1% – Percentage of people living in the South who are uninsured, the highest percentage of any region.

24.6% – The percentage of uninsured people in Texas, the highest of any state.

5.6% – The percentage of uninsured people in Massachusetts, the lowest of any state.

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