Healthy Salt Free Hot Sauce?

Doc's Salt Free Hot Sauce

Is there such a thing? I initially started this as way too help my patient’s cut down on their sodium intake. I even pushed my dad to put down the salt-laden chile pepper goodness (he  was a fan of Louisiana Hot Sauce, very salty). So I started tinkering in the kitchen. I’ve always been an experimenter. You can even ask my mom about the stain I left on the carpet when I used my chemistry set to create the world’s strongest glue (never came out) when I was 11. Fast-forward 20 years later and I’m still experimenting, but now it is in the kitchen when I have time. I came up with this recipe after facilitating a low sodium cooking class for some Tulane Medical Students at the Goldring Teaching kitchen.  After working through several recipes in which the other 4 tastes (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and umami) were maximized I came up with one that even my dad liked. After that I was making sample bottles for my dad and patients every week. Unfortunately my dad passed of sudden cardiac death January of last year, but right before he told me that I should really pursuit this because this was my “best idea yet” (even better than my shirt/tie combo app). He was right. I can tell by some of the letters I’ve gotten from fans of the sauce that there is a need for healthier condiments. So maybe he was right. In any case it is cool to bring something to market that helps people.

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